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LuzAzul Chapter 1
5 policemen are staring at a door in a hotel.
Policeman 1: Come on out!
Policeman 2: Kick down the door.
Policeman 1 kicks down the door. They all move in and look around and no one is there.
Policeman 2: What the hell is going on?
Suddenly a boy appears (Fleo) behind policeman 2 and breaks his neck.
Policeman 3: There!
All of the policemen aim their guns at Fleo and start to shoot him. Fleo then falls over backwards and slams into the floor. Police man 3 walks over to Fleo and looks at him.
Policeman 3: He’s dead.
They all turn around and Fleo gets up and is right behind policeman 3.
Fleo: Who’s dead?
Fleo draws his sword and slashes policeman 3 in half and then runs towards the other policemen. The other policemen all turn around and starts to fire at Fleo but Fleo just let’s himself get shot and continues to run forward to the policemen and Fleo holds out his hand and stabs it through policeman 4 and holds his heart in his hand and squashes it.
Policeman 5 runs out of
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Jissen Masuta Chapter 1
Chanbo: Man I’m hungry; I wonder if there is a restaurant around here.
Guy one: Stop, damn kid.
Guy two: Get back here.
Kid: Shut up!
The kid and the two guys run past Chanbo and then into an alley.
Chanbo follows them.
Chanbo: What is going on, don’t you think it is a bit unfair, two guys after one kid?
Guy one: Shut up, unless you want to die as well.
Chanbo: You can try.
Guy one: Cocky brat!
Guy one goes to stab Chanbo but Chanbo grabs the blade and then snaps it.
Guy one: What!?
Chanbo punches guy one and he goes flying over to the kid knocked out.
Guy two: Why you!
Guy two goes to slash Chanbo but Chanbo hold up his left leg and blocks it, he then jumps up and spins around and kicks guy two in the head with his right leg, Chanbo then lands and grabs guy two’s head and rams it into a wall.
Chanbo: Hey kid, come on out… I won’t hurt you…
The kid comes out.
Chanbo: Much, hehehehe!
Kid: Ah!
The kid hides again.
Chanbo: It was a joke T_T’.
The kid and
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Artist | Photography
United Kingdom
Thank you to some people who said they would help out with a few of the artistic needs but I really need an artist who will be willing to draw out the manga. I do thank one person who said he would help but it seems I have lost contact with him and it has been this way for a while so I will start the search for a new artist once again. If anyone is interested in the story I have been writing which can be found here… I'd really appreciate anyone who would be willing to help. You can contact me on Deviant art or by my email, I do not mind. Thank you.

Sorry for any mistakes.
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Night-hime Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2008
hey aj how have you been i miss talking to you
makkuroneko Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2008
thank u very much 4 appreciation
ciao! (^^)/
rsull11 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2008
Hey AJ how you doing Mate I've put my Chapter Up maybe I'll do some character designs you've seen my rough drafts now for some good ones well I could do some more chapters for some reason I've done random chapters about 167 ahead lol well please check mine :D
asheiwa Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2008
Hi there, I have read your Jisen Masuta chap 1. Great story... In what way you find idea? Can you give me tips for that.
yayayachiru Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2008   Digital Artist
Night-hime Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2008
hey my love how are you
Yevilyn Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Lookin for an artist ay?
Well i'd give it a shot if you like. I can do several styles but my fave is Manga. Is it for the Literature on your profile?
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