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Chanbo: Man I’m hungry; I wonder if there is a restaurant around here.
Guy one: Stop, damn kid.
Guy two: Get back here.
Kid: Shut up!
The kid and the two guys run past Chanbo and then into an alley.
Chanbo follows them.
Chanbo: What is going on, don’t you think it is a bit unfair, two guys after one kid?
Guy one: Shut up, unless you want to die as well.
Chanbo: You can try.
Guy one: Cocky brat!
Guy one goes to stab Chanbo but Chanbo grabs the blade and then snaps it.
Guy one: What!?
Chanbo punches guy one and he goes flying over to the kid knocked out.
Guy two: Why you!
Guy two goes to slash Chanbo but Chanbo hold up his left leg and blocks it, he then jumps up and spins around and kicks guy two in the head with his right leg, Chanbo then lands and grabs guy two’s head and rams it into a wall.
Chanbo: Hey kid, come on out… I won’t hurt you…
The kid comes out.
Chanbo: Much, hehehehe!
Kid: Ah!
The kid hides again.
Chanbo: It was a joke T_T’.
The kid and Chanbo come out of the alley and start walking down the street.
Chanbo: So what is your name?
Kid: That was amazing how did you do that?
Chanbo: How did I do what?
Kid: You blocked all the swords and even broke one of them with your bare body, how?
Chanbo: Me? I’m a Kigenso.
Chanbo smiles
Kid: No way, one of the legendary 12?! I’ve read about you.
Chanbo: Yup, I’m one of them. By the way what is your name?
Kid: I can’t believe I met a real Kigenso, thanks for saving me by the way.
Chanbo: Welcome and please stop changing the subject, what is your name?
Kid: Ah, sorry, my name is….
Chanbo: Hey kid, is there a restaurant around here? I am hungry.
Kid: Now you are the one changing the subject T_T’.
Scene changes to in a restaurant
So your name is Nirave
Nirave: Yup. I still can’t believe I met a Kigenso, there are only 12 in the world and I got saved by one.
Chanbo: Yeah, I’m the Kigenso of steel.
Nirave: Man, that must be really cool.
Amai "Miruku" Kouhii walks in the restaurant and walks over to Nirave and Chanbo.
Waiter: May I order you something?
Amai: No thanks.
Nirave: Hey seaweed.
Amai: Ku!
Waiter: OK, milk.
Amai: I did not order any milk!
Nirave: This is Chanbo.
Chanbo: Yo.
Amai: Hello. I’ve been looking for you Nirave.
Chanbo notices three swords on him.
Chanbo: You’re a swordsman?
Amai: Indeed I am, but all these swords are not mine, just one. I am holding these two for a stranger while he went out.
Chanbo: Must be a trusting person.
Amai: Indeed he is.
Stranger walks in.
Stranger: Hey.
Amai: Oh, it’s you, here you go.
Amai hands him his two swords.
Chanbo:  Hey you two, join my team!
Nirave: So sudden T_T’
Amai: For what?
Chanbo: The Chanbara tournament.
Stranger: I barely know you, even if I did I must refuse I have something’s to do before I join that tournament.
Amai: The same goes for me, I must refuse.
Chanbo: Awww T_T
The stranger walks out.
Chanbo: He is strong; I will make him join my team.
Nirave: Hard-headed aren’t you.
Amai: So why do you want to join such a dangerous tournament?
Chanbo: It was a promise to someone who died along time ago, besides I’ve always liked sword fighting, it was always my dream to become the best… Plus you get one wish at the end; I’m going to ask for that person who I made the promise to, to come back to life.
Amai: I see.
Chanbo: By the way, is your hair naturally green?
Nirave: Yes it is.
Amai: Don’t answer for me! And he is right, it is.
Nirave: That is why I call him seaweed.
Amai: Ku!
Waiter: Your milk.
Amai: I did not order any milk!
Chanbo: The waiter speaks Japanese -.-‘.
Chanbo gets up.
Chanbo: Thanks for the meal, good bye.
Nirave and Amai: Your making us pay!
Chanbo: No just him.
Chanbo points at Amai.
Amai: Why me!?
Chanbo: Because you have money.
Nirave: You don’t have money?
Chanbo: Not much.
Nirave: Then what would have you done if you had not met us -.-‘?
Chanbo, Nirave and Amai are outside in the street, it is night time.
Chanbo: Well I’ll be off now, need to gather a team in a month.
Nirave: Good luck.
Chanbo: Thanks.
Nirave: And… Thanks for saving me today.
Chanbo: You don’t need to keep thanking me. I’ll look forward to seeing you again some day NIRAVE. Good bye.
Chanbo walks off to the towns exit.
Nirave: Hey Amai… One day I want to be a master swordsman too.
Amai: Then why don’t I teach you?
Nirave: Eh! Really!?
Chanbo reaches the exit and sees the Stranger standing out side of the town with 3 people.
The stranger appears behind the first guy and he falls down, the second guy attacks him with a downward slash and the stranger blocks it and pushes his sword down and elbows him in the face then slashes him with his other sword and the second guy falls to the ground. The third guy appears behind him and the stronger crosses the sword over his back he then pushes up and then turns his swords around and stabs the third guy in the stomach with both of his swords (while facing away from him), the stranger then turns around and slashes the third guy and he falls on the ground.
Chanbo: He’s good.
Stranger looks round.
Stranger: It’s you.
Chanbo: You were really good, please, please join my team!
Stranger: Listen, the truth is I want to join your team, that wish that you get at the end, I want it. Only you get one wish per person, so I must do two things on my own.
Chanbo: What must you do?
Stranger: Not that is concerns you but I am looking for two people.
Unknown: You there, swordsman! You knocked out my friends, you will pay!!!!!
Stranger: Why does this happen to me!? Arr, fine lets make it quick.
Unknown: I, Gojuuichi, will be the one to avenge my friends.
Stranger: I Amaihissi Kua will be the one not to allow that.
Chanbo: Wait, let me.
Gojuuichi: I want him! He harmed my friend.
Chanbo: Well, in fact it was me that harmed your friends, me and Amaihissi were about to fight, that is why his swords are out.
Gojuuichi: What?! You dare trick me.
Chanbo and Amaihissi: No, you just jumped to conclusions.
Amaihissi: Even though he was right.
Chanbo: Are you ready?
Gojuuichi slashes downward and Chanbo stops it with his hands, Chanbo then punches him in the face, chest and stomach multiple times. Gojuuichi then swings his sword horizontally from the left and Chanbo stops it with his hands and breaks his sword. With the piece of sword in his hand he slashes Gojuuichi’s chest.
Gojuuichi Thinking: Strong, what is he?
Gojuuichi: Hehehe.
Chanbo: ?
Gojuuichi: You’re in trouble now, you just attack the Metsufu army’s 51st in command, by attacking me they will be on to you.
Chanbo: Well then, if you can crawl back, tell them I declare war on this army, if they stand in way, I will crush them.
Amaihissi: He declared war so easily and without thinking… This guy in interesting.
Amaihissi walks over to Chanbo and Gojuuichi.
Amaihissi: Same here, I declare war on you bastards as well.
Chanbo: Why?
Amaihissi: I’ve thought about it when you were fighting, I have a better chance at finding the people I am looking for if I join your team and travel with you, plus when we win, we will get a wish each.
Chanbo: Alright! My first member!
Amaihissi: Hey where did Gojuuichi go?
Gojuuichi has disappeared.
Amaihissi: Well what are you anyway, able to stop swords like that?
Chanbo: I’m the Kigenso of steel.
Amaihissi: You get more and more interesting by the minute, but listen I get to be the leader.
Chanbo: What!? I started this team I am the leader.
Amaihissi: Alright the stronger one is usually the leader, so let’s fight about it. Winner is leader.
Chanbo: Sounds fun, been too long since I had a good fight.
Chanbo and Amaihissi both go to slash each other and they both block each others attack so now they are facing back to back, Amaihissi turn around and Chanbo jumps backwards and Amaihissi slashes down but Chanbo disappears and appears above him and Chanbo slashes down but Amaihissi blocks it and Chanbo flips over and lands in front of Amaihissi.
Chanbo goes to stab Amaihissi but he disappears and appears beside Chanbo and tries to stab him but Chanbo jumps back. They then go to slash each other and get in a sword lock. They both push each others swords down and aim for each others neck but both stop before they reach it.
Chanbo: Not bad.
Amaihissi: Same goes for you.
Amaihissi slashes downward and Chanbo blocks it over his head, he then puts his left hand on his sword and pushes up and that forces Amaihissi’s sword down and Chanbo goes to kick Amaihissi but he blocks it with his arm and he rolls over on the ground. Chanbo goes to slash Amaihissi but he blocks it then he stands up and pushes back.
Amaihissi thinking: His strength and speed are on par with me but his skill is slightly greater.
Amaihissi: Alright, I give up. Let’s stop this fight.
Chanbo: You’re giving up that easily?
Amaihissi: This fight could go up to many levels but I don’t want to be the leader anyway; this was just a test of our abilities, now we both know roughly what each other can do.
Chanbo: I won! I’m the leader!
Amaihissi thinking: Only because you’re better suited to be the leader idiot, plus it seems like too much trouble.
This is a rough version of a manga I have been working on.

P.S. Also looking for an artist.
fearblank Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
lol... it made me lol slightly... should look good in actuall art... ^^... I like the Stranger...
boredomholic Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2008
cool story....i liked it.
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